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Thread: Akama Karashigoi translucid scale

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    Tosai Alexandre's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    East of France (Lorraine)

    Akame Karashigoi strange scale

    Recently I noticed that after the healing of a small carp pox spot, my karashigoi had something like a translucid scale. It's quite metallic.
    I don't know why it became like that. Any idea ? Regrown scale ? Will it return to normal ?

    The koi is a 40cm nisai and is an albino (red eyed). I think that this koi is a female.
    I believe also that this koi is from Marusei koi farm (Hirasawa).
    I don't know if it's a lost scale because I wasn't present at home last week. I know that this koi heals very fast.
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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
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    I am uncertain from the photo exactly what I am seeing. It does seem to be a single scale has either changed color or is missing. Lost scales usually grow back, but often are a bit different in color or not shaped quite the same.

    Nice looking Karashi.
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    Tosai Alexandre's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    East of France (Lorraine)
    Thanks, it's really one of my favourite koi and the most friendly. When I bought it, I remember that it was a very thin and hungry koi. It was in a store of gardening so the fish was mistreated. He was a little sick and malnourished, and measured only 15cm !
    It didn't have colours and the first thing that I noticed was it's red eyes (when it came to me for food !^^). I also saw the red patch under the tail and I was sure it was a chagoi lineage. So I decided to bought it. =)
    It's uncommon in France to see a red eyed. It was a hard decision but I took the risk. I thoroughly disinfected the fish before putting it in the pond.
    This fish often hurts itself because it's a little bit crazy. ^^ (skimmer/plant pots)

    Usually, in 48 hours, any small injury is healed for this fish. But it had never lost a scale. I saw it again a few hours ago, and it really looks like a scale that is regrowing.
    The koi is also developing fukurin. So wait and see...
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