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Thread: Aï goromo brutalized during unexpected spawning

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    Aï goromo brutalized during unexpected spawning

    Hi, sorry to bother you again with my problems, but this year is really strange and quite hard for my koi.
    First, my koi tried to spawn 1 month ago but the males didn't push the eggs out of the females. I recently reduced the population of my pond by several cullings.
    Now there's 3 males and 7 females. The principal pond is 10 cube meters and I have a 2,5 cube meters filtration.

    They tried to spawn today again (never seen that) and they harmed my female goromo. She doesn't bleed but she has one of her pectoral fin stuck to her belly most of the time. She uses it normally when she eats or when she needs to stabilize herself. I looked more precisely to the concerned area and it's clean. It doesn't seem to hurt her but I'm quite worried about it. I'm afraid because I've never seen that before. What could cause it ? What's your opinion ? Do I need to do something ?
    I'll probably cull 2 of the 3 males because they are not good, old, and they hurt the females. The last male is a really nice 3sai Heisei nishiki, so I want to keep him. He harmed himself also ( little scratche on the head, I put some medical products) but it's not a problem.

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    You are experiencing the problems of having both sexes in a pond. The fluctuating temperatures you have mentioned on other occasions have likely contributed to extending the spawning season in your pond.

    It sounds as if the Goromo injured the pectoral fin, perhaps when bumped against a pond wall. Since there is no visible injury, I would not do anything at this point. I expect she will recover in a few weeks. There may be internal bruising that makes it uncomfortable to use the pectoral, so she uses it only as necessary. It is good that she uses it as necessary for balance. That tells you that it is still capable of functioning.... nothing broken internally. Observe her closely for signs of redness at the pectoral joint. There may be a little. If it increases over a period of days, it would indicate an internal infection has begun. If so, then an antibiotic treatment would be advisable. However, I expect that in a few weeks she will be fine.

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