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Thread: Tri State ZNA 2016 Staten Island,NY Show Results

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    Tri State ZNA 2016 Staten Island,NY Show Results

    The 5th annual Tri State ZNA Koi Club's show was this past weekend at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Gardens in Staten Island, NY.

    Tri State really upped their game with the acquisition of 30+ new hard side poly tanks through sponsorship, donations and club funds. The new venue was also a huge leap for the club and looks to of been a fantastic success!

    Joe White was the head judge and Terri Alexander was the candidate judge. There were 31 tanks with a total of 128 entries from 20 owners.


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    It is great to hear. I was shown photos of the Staten Island site some months ago and thought it looked great for a koi show. I hope the location gave good exposure to the public. Congrats to all ! .... I'm sure John Lentzis' big gals were even more impressive in person.

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    It was great show! I had a lot of fun hanging with the Tri-State group for the weekend.
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