2016 ZNA NorCal Holidays Celebration + AKCA KHV Fundraising + Toys-For-Tots and more ...

Here is the message from the ZNA NorCal's secretary Mr. Don Chamberlain

ZNA NorCal is inviting all koi kichi to join us at Koten-En, 1210 Kotenberg Av, San Jose, CA 95125 on Sunday, 11/13 for a holiday get together to close out the 2016 koi keeping season.

Besides some great grub Dr. Jessie Sanders is going to check out a couple of my koi and hold a mini wet lab. She'll be projecting what she finds in the scope and we'll be recording it for future reference.

The fun starts at 11:30. Think of it as a great Fall Sunday Brunch. The club will furnish the main course. If you feel the urge, please bring a side dish, salad, desert, etc.
As the holidays draw near we need to remember that not everyone in the Bay Area is as fortunate as us, so please bring an unwrapped toy. We'll be collecting for Toys for Tots.

We'll also be asking for donations for the AKCA KHV fund, so please bring your checkbook. AKCA has contributed quite a bit over the years to Oregon State where they are researching treatments for KHV. They've pledged $30 large for this worthy cause and need our help to make it happen.
So please come with a generous heart. Enjoy talking koi one last time with old friends and new and help us close out 2016 with a bang.

See you then, and...
Happy Koi Keeping,
Don Chamberlain
ZNA NorCal Secretary