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Thread: Ban On Koi Imports...Again

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    Perhaps the question needs to be send directly to organizations who represent the business/industry: Shinokai, IPPCA, Aquascape ...etc.

    Also send the question to organizations who represent the hobby: AKCA, AKJA, ZNA America...etc.

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    Anyone in the industry a member PIJAC? They have the resources and lobbyists to fight it.

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    So did anyone think of maybe calling the guy and asking him whats up? They list his name, phone number and address. His office is about 3 miles from mine so I thought about stopping by and seeing him...however I got lazy and called instead. What he said was they weren't really pursuing that petition at this time because it listed species that are already well established in the US (like koi). Mostly what they ban are species that aren't here yet so they focus on keeping new stuff from being introduced. He also said that the petition listed "carp" and that they weren't likely to ban all carp because they ban at an individual level instead. That makes sense when you look at the last list of stuff that they banned https://www.fws.gov/injuriouswildlif...r-species.html . You'll see they banned two types of carp but not "carp". On the flip side he did say that he will have a new boss in a couple weeks and things could change as the new administration might have other ideas about how to ban things. He did say he has received hundreds of comments from koi professionals and hobbyists. He also said that if they did do something official that there would be an official comment period. Nice guy to talk to and I encourage you not to take my word for it but to call him and see what he has to say.
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    Well, Jim, I'll take your word for what he said, realizing you are not vouching for him.

    I'm glad you made the call. So much better than wailing in the wilderness.

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