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Thread: RIP - Louie Hernandez

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    A future show to be defined soon....

    RIP - Louie Hernandez

    Luis Israel Hernandez, aged 74, affectionately known as Louie to his many friends in the koi hobby, passed peacefully on Wednesday the 7th of December, 2016, at his home on Valdina Avenue in Anaheim, California. Louie had multiple strokes in the last several years and also suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes.
    Louie first entered the koi hobby in the 70’s. After a short absence, he came back strong and stayed until the end. Through the years he was a member of the ZNA SoCal, ZNA NorCal, SoCal and Nishiki clubs. He won many awards and held many offices, including former Vice Chair of the Associated Koi Clubs of America and current Vice Chair of KOI USA, Inc.
    He was known for his broad smile, big heart and willingness to roll up his sleeves to get things done. He not only set the example for many of us, he set the pace. As Bob Finnegan said, “If the Devil came to town with a travelling koi show, he could count on Louie to reserve a tank and bring contenders!” His love of competition was only outweighed by his love for the hobby and his many friendships within it.
    Louie is survived by his two brothers (Jesse and Anthony), sister (Yolanda), four daughters (Celia, Connie, Lynda and Yolanda), and numerous grand and great grand children - many of whom surrounded him at the end.
    Louie was buoyed to the end by his strong Christian faith and knew that his next great adventure was to be reunited with his late beloved wife Ginger. Arrangements are pending.

    Respectfully, Don & Brenda Chandler AKCA & KOI USA

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    A great guy with a sense of humor that will be sorely missed within the hobby. Always enjoyed our chats on the phone, even when he was busting my chops for not getting the club report to him in a timely manner.

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    A wonderful man who made an impact on everyone he met. Always greeted me with a smile and cheerful words. He will be missed.

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