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Thread: What does a dead scale look like?

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    I'm a newbie and I don't know the jargon, so bear with me.
    I have a pretty nice light blue koi with a series of very large scales down the dorsal line that are a dark blue. It's about 15-16 inches long. Not sure what it's called, but it looks cool. Anyhow, about three months ago, I noticed that fish (him? her? shrug) swimming a bit odd, and it had a hole through both color of scales right down to the muscle on the port side near the top of the fish. The whole was round, approx 3/4 inch in diameter. We have Great Blue Herons and I suspect that is the problem. Bastids. Anyhow, I have watched it closely, and it has slowly closed up the wound to the point where the light blue scales have all regrown and the fish is swimming normally. Now I'm waiting for the giant scales down the top of it to grow back in place- might be only one of those scales. No pictures, just my description and your imagination. Thanks for your patience.

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    If an injury does not destroy the 'root' of a scale, the scale will grow back. Sometimes the re-grown scale will appear completely normal as if nothing had happened. Often the re-grown scale will be imperfectly formed as to shape, alignment, size or coloration. For some folks this can ruin their enjoyment of a koi. For others it becomes an endearing feature that begins a story told to visitors.

    Hope all goes well with your blue koi..... BTW, enjoy the light blue while it lasts. The crystal ball shows gray in the future.

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