Another Momotaro auction will be on April 17, 2017, featuring jumbo tosai. Since these tosai are mostly of a size more typical of nisai elsewhere, the chance of them being accurately sexed is pretty good. So much eye candy to enjoy:

Momotaro koi

Nearly every year I get a few tosai to enjoy raising over the summer. This year I got a couple of Showa and a Shiro Utsuri from Purdin Koi at CFK&GS. I am enjoying them very much. While I do not expect great show futures, I do think they could all turn out to be keepers. Some year, it would be neat to spend the bigger bucks and get some 'best available' tosai from one of the major breeders like Momotaro or Dainichi. But, I'm not so sure jumbo tosai already 35-45cm would be as much fun. Much of my enjoyment of raising tosai to nisai comes from seeing the little ones transform. With jumbo tosai as large as nisai, I think it would be a more serious endeavor.... and the expense would certainly be more serious.

Question: Does anyone have recent information about the auction prices for Momotaro jumbo tosai? What would be the expected low range for the least costly?