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Thread: SFF, Dainichi Toyota & Dainichi Tosai Auctions 2017

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    SFF, Dainichi Toyota & Dainichi Tosai Auctions 2017

    If the Momotaro auction on the 17th is not enough, then there is SFF's tosai auction on April 18. A huge array of Kohaku and Sanke, with a few Showa at the end of the listings:

    Carp List | Sakai Fish Farm|Sakai Fish Farm

    It is difficult to switch back and forth between all the auction listings, but I have been trying to do so to see if I can discern differences and similarities. It is rather tough to do, particularly given that tosai are involved. My primary thoughts so far are about how, compared to 5 or 6 years ago, Momotaro Sanke are becoming more similar to SFF Sanke. There are only a few Showa listed by SFF, so it is problematical to try to draw any conclusions. Nonetheless, it seems to me that the SFF Showa tosai share much similarity with Dainichi, while Momotaro Showa are on a bit different path. And, Toyota Dainichi Showa are really on a path of their own. Of course, these tosai may not be reflective of the overall breeding program....I wish these same koi would get posted six months from now to see if my current thoughts are proved out by their development. But, I know it will not happen.

    If not too exhausted, rush overnight to Dainichi Toyota for their tosai auction on April 19:


    There is an overload of Kohaku and a number of interesting Showa... including several that look more like Sanke and are quite different than the Showa of Dainichi we usually see.

    Then, rest up a bit and the Dainichi auction is on April 24:


    Lots of Kohaku and Showa, with a sprinkling of Sanke. A few nisai and older koi are included, too. With so many gosanke in this auction and the three being held before it, the few non-gosanke Dainichi has listed really stand out. The Hi Utsuri (#263) seems rather special to me, and I am unsure why the yonsai Tancho #701 is only 3-stars. She looks to me to be as good or better than the award winners in her size at the All-Japan...., but what we see in photos is never the same as in person.

    With four outstanding sets of offerings over a period of just 8 days, I am wishing I could tag along with a dealer to see them all. I am also wondering about the health of the high-end koi market being able to absorb such a large volume in so short a time. ...It would be neat to know how many are in effect 'pre-sold' because dealers' customers have authorized bids in advance.

    Much to study in these hundreds of prime tosai... and too little time.

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    I mean really.... Queen Gaga, Beyonce and Sade??? Are the Japanese breeders just now getting 90's pop music?

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