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Thread: Encancing the appetite of the koi in the pond

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    Encancing the appetite of the koi in the pond

    Over the years, I have expiremented and talked to numerous hobbyist on this particular subject and has come up with a list of what may work.

    1. The number of koi in a pond affects the appetite: It is said that getting the correct number and combination of koi in a particular pond affects the appetite. Too little koi somewhat discourage koi to get into a feeding frenzy as compared to an overstocked pond. Although the latter situation creates a situation of possible poorer water quality and lower chance of koi growing. However, koi that dont eat much dont grow also fast enough. The key is to find the right quantity. For me its usually at least 9 to 13 koi.

    2 Adding an Ogon: One hobbyist I know has a unique style of encouraging appetite. He borrows 3 small young chagoi to lead the pack and train others to go after the food. After the chagoi grow to certain degree he returns the chagoi to the dealer. He eliminates the chagoi before chagoi eats most of the food depriving other more expensive varieties to feed and grow.

    3. Keeping the temperature ideal: Koi feed well in temperatures of 73 to 75F or 23 to 24C. Too cold and too hot and they seem to be lethargic when it comes to feeding. Somewhat controlling the temperature to the ideal one would be helpful in encouraging appetite.

    4. Pacing food intake: This is something I follow and believe in. I happen to believe that if one feeds too much always there comes a point that the koi gets to loose their appetite. I do not know how why this happens but probably koi have a sense of fullness build in them where they reduce their appetite when they have accumulated much nutrients that can sustain them for sometime.

    5. Good koi water quality: Without a doubt, some koi will loose their appetite if they are stressed in their environment whether it be because of deteriorating water quality to parasite problems to bacterial problems. Maintain a consistent good water quality is essential for koi appetite.

    6. Vitamins, probiotics, flavorings: From B12, vitamin C, probiotics, clay, garlic, honey, etc. there seem to be an array of appetite inducing supplements out there which may or may not work.

    7. More aeration: They say one cant get too much aeration and this helps in the digestive process and appetite of the koi.

    8. Pond depth and pond size: Too much depth and too big of pond seem to discourage more appetite to look for food to some but to some it gives more space to exercise and swim and therefore be more hungry.

    9. floating vs sinking food: some koi just seem to have more appetite when sinking food is given as opposed to floating ones.

    10. Changing food: Different Koi food have different appeal to koi from different hobbyist. What works for me sometimes does not seem appetizing to other koi of a different hobbyist. Best is to determine what works.

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    One idea I would add to this list was regularly espoused by Ray Jordan.... Do not feed at all one day per week. Ray recommended skipping a day for general health reasons, but it seems to me that when I skip a day the koi eat more afterwards and end up wanting more than when fed on a predictable schedule. I cannot say the extra food consumed results in better growth or just more waste, but can say that they get ravenous.

    In regard to changing food, koi are often reluctant to accept a new food. It can take a couple of weeks for them to accept a new food and some never seem to adjust fully. Since people like variety, hobbyists get the idea that their koi will eat more if fed a variety of pellets. It does not seem to work that way. Sticking to one or two pellets that the koi are adjusted to eating seems to maximize consumption.

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