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Thread: US source for young Kohaku

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    US source for young Kohaku


    I am looking for a source of good young Kohaku, about a dozen or so for an inside aquaponic system.

    Jake Levi

    Harrisville, MI

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    Most dealers handling imports will still have Kohaku tosai at this time of year, but the most recent arrivals may be a bit pricier than those brought into the country in late Fall. For imports I'd check with Champion Koi and Peters & Son.

    If I was looking for tosai Kohaku, I would check with Purdin Koi Farm. I expect it is getting late in the season for them to have tosai, but definitely worth inquiring. (Best tosai would already be in the mud to be grown to nisai.) Mat McCann (BeniHanna Nishikigoi) might have some, but I know he is focused in getting his new facilities constructed and getting their aquaponics operation at full speed, so may not have tosai beyond what he plans to raise.

    I do not know how far Kloubec is from you. Maybe close enough to do a round trip in one day???? Not a farm that comes first to mind for Kohaku, but I've heard they are working on increasing quality.

    Good luck!

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