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Thread: Pond aeration now koi scare

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    Pond aeration now koi scare

    Hi everyone, so I recently added the koimax airmax 2 pond aeration to pond and koi now is scare and seems to avoid that section of pond, they will not swim near the middle where the aeration is and just hang out at a corner, still active and all. What should I do? It's been 10 days now and they still acting the same. I Assume the loud buzzing noise is scaring them, I hope they will get use to it. Anyone have similar experience
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    If the current is strong that aeration diffuser prodice and pond is small while most of the koi are still small, there is a tendency for the koi to avoid that particular area. Try to put the diffuser on a corner to see improvements.

    Personally I dont like matala or teflon diffuser beause not only the bubbles release are just too big that causes lots of surface movement that reduces water visibility, it also produces a continuous deafening load noise underwater.

    Japanese airhose or ceramic stone diffuser would be much better.
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    Maybe valve the air flow back and as the Koi become use to the flow you can increase until it's as high as you want it.

    Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by HEADACHE6 View Post
    Maybe valve the air flow back and as the Koi become use to the flow you can increase until it's as high as you want it.

    Good Luck
    Air pumps deliver a given amount of air, rather than throttle the air, divert the air into your filters or the atmosphere.

    The least amount of back pressure on the diaphragms the longer they will last,the cooler the pump will run.


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    I'm thinkin they'll get used to it. Give it some time....

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