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Thread: What is the good pair of parents conditions?

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    What is the good pair of parents conditions?

    Dear friends,
    May be already Asked question I did small search in forum but I couldn't find similar topic.

    Regardless to what variety we want to breed I think there could be some parameters in case of male(males) and female should be checked out.
    I don't know may be I am partially or totally wrong and it depend's on variety. Anyway I will be appreciated if you share your knowledge and Idea.

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    I am uncertain what sort of factors you are interested in. It would be best if someone with many years of experience responded. I will give my thoughts for what they are worth. Perhaps an experienced breeder (including a backyard breeder) will chime in.

    As a start point, the fish should be sexually mature. While two year old males will definitely spawn, my observation has been that breeders use males that are three to six years old. Older ones do get used, but it seems to me that after 6 or 7 years a male ceases to be used very much. I am unsure why, but have heard that the ratio of deformities increases with koi of advanced age. With females the question is the size and quantity of eggs. Young females may have eggs, but they tend to be smaller and fewer. This results in smaller spawns and weaker fry. Larger eggs have more stored nutrient for development of the embryo. My impression is that the 4 to 8 year range is optimal, but obviously there are show winners which are not used until their show careers are over, which often is not until they are 8 years or older. Prized female oyagoi continue to be used until they simply wear out, although I have read of some older ones being used only alternate years.

    Conditioning the breeders for spawning is another topic. I am not aware of a general practice used by breeders. I do recall reading about a breeder who considered the late summer as the time to commence conditioning females by feeding heavily (presumably with high protein food??) so the fish bulked up before the winter fasting period. Eggs begin to develop in late summer and autumn. When feeding commences in the Spring, the oyagoi are fed well to encourage egg development so there will be a large quantity of healthy eggs by the time of spawning in May and early June. ....How to tell whether the eggs are ready is something I do not recall reading anything about. I would guess that early in the Spring the eggs would be smaller, and by late Spring they are larger and more likely to produce robust fry.

    Are there other aspects you are trying to learn about?

    ....I hope someone with experience will post, or someone who has an article describing some breeder's practices.

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