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Thread: Skimmer both a blessing as well as a bane

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    Skimmer both a blessing as well as a bane

    A skimmer no doubt helps cleaning floating feaces and other flotsam. On the flip side it becomes a great nest for garter snakes to wind itself in the basket and stick its face out of the mouth of the skimmer , looking around for the feeding time of koi.

    Everytime , if one of the snakes are in , i have to drive them away , and then give koi their feed. Still i could see the garter snakes putting on good thickness ( and a few of their little one swimming around ) . I decided to relocate the snakes , by bagging each of them once any of them nestled in the skimmer basket. Unfortunately it didn't work out as planned . With a big vinyl bag closing the mouth of the skimmer , and through the lid cover of the skimmer , i prodded on the snake with a stick to escape itself into the bag. It refused to go in , instead , shaked itself vigrously within the skimmer basket , dislodging the seated basket , and dived into the suction of the skimmer . Horror of horrors , the skimmer pump , reduced its discharge ; the snake must have found its way into the impeller vanes. Just managed to flick of the switch of the skimmer pump and hoped that the snake would wind itself back out of the skimmer line, more or less intact . Switched on the pump after 3 hrs , the discharge is back to normal, still will have to check the suction and discharge ports of the pump and see if any kind of matter is decaying .

    From trying to bag the snake , another bag of problems , came my way !

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    LOL.... The adventures of koi keeping! I occasionally get small baby ringneck snakes in the skimmers. They fall in the pond by accident and end up finding a spot out of water inside the skimmer. Same with the occasional anole lizard. Mostly I get toads and an occasional frog. If any get past the skimmer basket when I try to get them out, they are quickly sucked to the pump. But, there are leaf baskets on all of my pumps, so I am able to retrieve them from it before they reach the pump itself. Summer rains bring out the toads for spawning in the pond. Some mornings there over 20 in the skimmers making the most awful shrill noise.... the skimmer acts like an echo chamber.

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