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Thread: My Koi is acting odd

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    My Koi is acting odd

    Hello there I’m new at the whole backyard pond. I set up a pond last spring for my koi it’s 1500 gallons and this recant thaw I’ve noticed one of my koi acting odd it was laying off by itself in the shallows on its side. I thought it was dead but when I went to pull it out BAM it took off like it was shot out of a cannon. So I let it be. Later I went to check on it and it was doing the same thing so I’ve taken it out and put it in a tank. It has a few scales on its side starting to lift up as well any help is appreciated. My filter is also made for a pond twice the size I needed(future plans lol)
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    I have learned that diagnosis of health issues really has to be done in person. On the internet you just get somebody's guesses. These can give you ideas to consider, but seldom are 100% reliable. Often, the guess of even a very knowledgeable person is literally dead wrong. To get useful help, I think it best to generate different ideas from several persons. Then you can think over their ideas and suggestions to come up with your own thoughts based on what you can personally observe. Since this board has had a low level of activity for the last several months, I suggest you post your inquiry in the 'Emergency & Health Issues' forum at koiphen.com. You are more likely to get multiple responses there, and while different people may have different ideas about your situation, I think you will get some useful guidance.

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