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Thread: Heating koi pond with tankess water heater.

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    Heating koi pond with tankess water heater.

    Hi all,
    I am constructing a 4000 Gal pond. I am installing piping to heat the pond and was planning to use propane tankless water heater. all my water pipes are pvc and pex, including the main supply line, except the coper inside the heater. I heard copper is bad for kois, but as far as i know, most internal tubing of tankless water heaters are constructed using coper tubing.
    1) Has anyone use these types of heater successful in a long time?
    2) does anyone know any tankless heater that use stainless tubing?
    3) What are best and cheap alternative to heat pond during cold winter in Oklahoma, US?

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    I did this on my pond for several years, but quit due to the high cost of propane. Of course, I was heating 16,000 gal without a cover. Don't run the pond water through the water heater. Instead use a heat exchanger with a stainless steel coil in it, that way no copper comes in contact with the pond water. Also, make sure the tankless water heater is rated for continuous duty. Many are not. Here is a link to a setup using a tankless water heater over in the UK.


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    The link is for a company in the USA.

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    Sorry about that. My bad. Better for the person who originally asked the question that your here in the good old USA. No idea why thought you were in the UK.


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