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Thread: Some help please - any ideas on this on my koi

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    Nisai quinton.jones@carat.com's Avatar
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    Some help please - any ideas on this on my koi

    Hello koi keepers
    My koi have developed red patches with what looks like icing sugar. I’m not a newbie to this by any means - I’m assuming costia what do you think. I don’t have a microscope so cannot confirm. Have sided with M&F
    any ideas? ThanksSome help please - any ideas on this on my koi-6bd1088b-39eb-45fc-a1f6-ac21899468c9.jpg

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    Hey, Quinton, good to hear from you. But, really sorry it is for this reason!

    If this is on multiple koi, I have no idea what it would be. It makes sense to me to treat with a Malachite Green & Formalin product just to be sure any of the usual body parasites are eliminated, but I cannot say I have ever seen costia or the other common varmints cause such symptoms.

    I had a koi with a somewhat similar condition. She stayed at the surface due to a swim bladder problem, with her back getting too much sun and air exposure. When the swim bladder problem resolved itself and she was able to remain at a normal depth, the skin problem went away after a few weeks. I have had koi with costia hover at the surface (not gasping for air, just hovering), but none developed this sort of condition. But, then, I treated promptly and they did not remain near the surface more than a couple of days.

    If you figureout what it is, please post.

    Good luck!

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