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Thread: New Koi Some not moving

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    Question New Koi Some not moving

    I have a pond that is about 1,100 gallons and I've recently added 14 koi. 4 of them are about 7in. while the other 10 are 3-4in. Its very cold currently(about 35F) and some of the koi are not moving and sitting at the bottom. Some of the other koi, on the other hand, are swimming a little around the bottom. 2 days before the fish came, I added de-chlorinator and ammonia nullifier chemicals. I don't know if the koi that aren't moving are doing too well because I don't want to lose new koi.

    Update: One of the small koi is swimming around the surface in cold water, while the rest are somewhere on the bottom. Ideas?

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    If the water temperature is cold, it is normal for the koi not to move around. If your water temperature is really 35F, that's cold! Such cold water can be tough on koi,especially small ones. People debate how low the water temperature can get before problems arise, but about everybody agrees that water temperatures below 40F are not good. You need to read up on winter care of koi. You can do a search on this forum for ideas. However, forum posts are just snaphots of parts of a big picture. To get a comprehensive overview, get a good book on koikeeping. Most libraries have a couple.

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