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Thread: Koi Male or female

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    Koi Male or female

    What's the easiest way to tell the sex of a koi

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    There is no easy way when the fish are young. Even the most experienced breeders guess wrong with tosai. With older, well-fed koi, it is usually obvious because the females will be bigger around from carrying eggs, and the males will be more slender. However, a lot of folks have experienced the surprise of a fat male they thought was female, and a slender female they thought was male. I have bumped up a couple of threads that list various traits to look for. You can be pretty sure a koi is male if there is roughness on the gill plate, but smooth gill plates do not mean the koi is female. It could be a male that matures slowly. By 3 years, it is usually clear cut, but there are always some exceptions.

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