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Thread: Launch of Koi-Bito Magazine Online - Your Thoughts...

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    Jumbo Regenmeneer's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Chris, how about printing it?

    For me, the more info, the better!


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    Oct 2004
    Vancouver, WA. USA
    Brian: The future we thought was the computer or the use with tv so folks can read it on the screen...yes to a point..however what many traditionalists thought was going to happen has been the fact that readers like the "feel" of the newspaper in their hands with coffee in the morning...now online is the way to go but you need to increase the photo quality when one prints them out...as said before...if they look like crap when they print up that will probably be the last time for some to print it up...they will either go back to regular subscription or cancel totally as in the case with some folks with Rinko. It is a tough balance between making money with more ads and including the award winning material that Koi-Bito has in it. Look next time at the amount of pages Rinko has minus the ads..it gets real interesting...a lot of times it is the same old same old thing...precictable format...readers get tired of that...they want more sizzle in that steak if you remember that from your old college advertising days. Smart for doing this.

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    Jul 2005
    Puerto Rico
    I think you will have two generations to think about and which one you want ao accomadate more or both. The older generation is used to and enjoys a printed mag on the toilet etc aor with a warm cup of coffee. The printed mag will always give yo mroe legitimacy and a snese of proessionalism, dedication, and integrity.

    That being said the reality is the younger generation could care less about paper pritned stuff. For them it just takes up space and time and costs unescessary moeny they woudl rather spend on other things. They use the internet to find out about everything, from breaking news to new products to entertainment. At some point going online will become crucial to your survival. As the younger generation grows older, and technology advances, it will become more and more mandatory to accomodate a low cost online version. You will also gain a large audeince by being among the firs tint he koi industry to offer that option. Bluntly, it will put your site and chat forum over the top, especially if you do it first. The quality of the articles is imperative, and you have that.

    The other thing it creates is the oppurtunity to compare different mags and info resources word for word to see who is really producing reliable and quality stuff. That willw ork in your advantage tremendously. laot of what is out there is so shallow, and lightly and misleadingly touches on so many issues, having that info in that format will put you on top. Experienced folks and breeders can see thru the haze and the hazemakers. This will enable the general public to be able to do the same thing, setting them free from the egocentric control of certain individuals. So online info will benefit you alot imho.

    The other demographic it will enable you to reach is the budget stretched retired community who actually has time to spend and enjoy reading it and caring for a pond. There is a huge dmeogaphic of retired and semiretired folks who simply cannot afford pricey items, they have their home, their basics, and want to enjoy a hobby. Making it affordable to them would be doing a tremendous service and win you alot of community points imho. Ease their suffering and increase their enjoyment of the good life.

    The other thing you need to start is taking money orders dude!!! The 'cant or won't give my digits' out on the net demographic is quite large, although getting smaller, it is still significant in size worldwide. The amount of fraud out there is going down with technology, and with the changes coming will be even more dramatically reduced, but folks are still timid and concerned. Just to give you an example, my mom made her first online purchase this Xmas, when my Dad found out he flipped scared someone would steal from their accounts. She would never have risked that reaction for a magazine, but for Xmas for her grandkids she was willing.

    As well there are advances in technology coming which an online mag could take advantage of to increase it's number of subscribers and readers dramatically. If you want to know more about those advances just email or pm me Brian, I think you should know so you can get in position to benefit. I want to see you successful and to see you continue to set an example to this community and to your daughter, so let me know anything I can do to help out. Have you noticed the television sets changed this year??? You need to know what is getting ready to happen Brian.

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    Oct 2004
    Salt Lake City, UT

    I would be very willing to spend $30, whereas I have been unable to subscribe to the printed magazine.


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    Fry tomc's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Yes, this would be good.

    It would be great if magazine subscribers could get an online edition immediately as this would allow someone like myself to balance between online and magazine reading. Also a full archive and search facility would really be useful.

    Having said that, I echo ChrisC's comment re: format. I find it really difficult to read PDF'd articles online. I think some level of reformatting is required. The best benefit would be to be able to put pictures side-by-side for comparison... I seem to be ever flicking between pages to compare koi. So I wouldn't underestimate the amount of time that reformatting/design a web-based service might take if it is to be really useful.


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    Dec 2003

    I am going against the tide here. But with my poor internet connection, and poor eye sight, plus being so unschooled in computer, I think I will stick to the printed version. Thank you.

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    Sep 2005

    Another yes

    I also would be interested. $30 is doable, although I'd rather have the print version, just haven't been able to justify spending the money (yet)

    Agree with some others though that it would be nice to be able to print out some articles. Spend too much time staring at the screen already.

    But count me in!


    ps even thought this is my first post here, I've been a lurker for some time.

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    Welcome Jessica...hope You'll Continue To Post Here

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    Oyagoi Bob Winkler's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Colorado, USA
    All for it Brian Bring it on

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