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Thread: Your opinion on this Momotaro Shiro Utsuri

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    wong, sorry for your loss. hang on and you will find a even better one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hwong
    Sad news folks..... I was informed today that my Shiro died a fews days ago in the 700 ton pond. She went in at 69cm but I dont know how much she grew in that pond. I am devastated. I had so much hope for her but my nishikigoi dream for her have to continue in the pond in the sky.
    I feel your pain, but your hobby goes on....

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    I guess it is one of those things. I share your devastation and disappointment. *sigh*

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    That is realy sad, hate it when one u think alot of and think hsa real potential passes. Well, I geuss the relentless pursuit continues once the tears are wiped away and the screams over the lost money and time have all been released....

    Have you got any idea what you will pursue next? Shiro, sanke, kohak, showa...?

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