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Thread: Live food or fry, pics

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    Nisai estanque_koi's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Cordoba, Spain

    Post Daphnia culture

    Hi Bob,
    sorry for this delayed reply.
    You can find very good information on Daphnia culture in

    and on Moina culture in

    Good luck

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    Sansai Bob Hart's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Medway, Kent, England
    Thanks Diego, loads of great information.

    Do you breed Daphnia for your fry?

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    Jumbo gregbickal's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Toddville Iowa
    Great photos. I used a toothpick to separate brine shrimp in order to get a picture of just one.

    I started feeding brine shrimp as soon as the koi fry got 5 days old. I fed this until the fry hit 15 days old. Then started feeding powered flakes with the brine shrimp (not sure if they ate this or not). At day 25 switched exclusively to mini pellets. 4 tablespoons of pellets every 12 hours. As I no longer see pellets in the water, I increase the amount.

    After 2 days of pellets the water went green pretty quick. About 10,000 fry in a 3,000 gallon pond. Fry are 3/4" long now.

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    Nisai estanque_koi's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Cordoba, Spain
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Hart
    Thanks Diego, loads of great information.

    Do you breed Daphnia for your fry?
    Yes, I have been culturing Daphnia and other organisms as live food for the fry.

    I started culturing just protozoa and rotifers. This is the first source of living prey for the fry. I managed to get nice huge cultures right on the rearing tanks before the eggs hatched. There are also good sources of information on the web showing how to start and maintain such cultures.

    It is important to start Moina and Daphnia cultures before the fry need them as live food.
    I collected water samples from several natural sources and scooped Daphnia individuals to start new cultures. Gradually I modified the original cultures to get Daphnia cultures. Eventually some copepods were also thriving on the culturing tanks. However, these 4 tanks quickly proved to be insufficient to support the increasingly higher harvesting rate. Then I started harvesting zooplancton in a big pond, it was dominated by copepods and there were at least two different species of water fleas. Most important, I could harvest the pond whithout catching potential predators for the fry.
    Besides, i have been culturing Artemia from dry cysts, but this year it has been rather late (fry already rather big) and much less frequent than in the past year. One day I tried the decapsulation method and it works very well, however more time is needed to complete the decapsulation procedure. It has the big advantage that the hard egg shells are completely eliminated, hence the small fry can't eat them and die.
    Cultures of Moina are very interesting. Moina are smaller than Daphnia (better pray for small fry), and it is possible to maintain high density cultures.
    I'm not using live food because the fry are too large, but my exhausted cultures of Daphnia and Copepods are flourishing again.
    Diego Jordano
    Cordoba, Spain
    A.E.K. web site http://www.elkoi.com
    pers. web site http://es.geocities.com/estanqueskois/

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