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Thread: Breeding update - Shiro's and Kohaku

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    Quote Originally Posted by dick benbow
    Mr Hart,
    Welcome to the wild world of baby koi selection (sembetsu)
    The correct Japanese word for the process you are describing is "Senbetsu"

    Konbunsha's Japanese/English dictionary translates: Senbetsu: to separate, to select. Pronunced (in Hyojungo, which is Standard Japanese)


    Interesting that in English we think of "culling", discarding something that is unwanted while in Japanese we are "selecting" something that is desirable

    Farmers from the Niigata area speak heavily accented dialects of Japanese that is often difficult to understand for even the average Japanese person. Thus
    the Niigata Nigoro accent often sounds like "Sembetsu".

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    Shiro's update

    An update to continue this thread.

    Born on May 11th, these 3 were measured and photographed (by my 10-year old Daughter Daisy) on Sunday. They look a little chubby because I over feed them. Colours are a bit messy, but I hope will improve.

    The largest was 15cm (5 3/4"), then 13.5 cm and 12cm. There is a little one shown in one of the pictures, just to show they dont all grow fast.

    I decided that the two slightly smaller ones should now go into my main pond, so in they went. Will be interesting to see how they fare, up against some of the others which will have warmer water and more food in the indoor facility.

    One picture shows one of them in the main pond, taking refuge amongst some Jasmine branches training into the pond.

    The last picture is of some of the Kohaku fry, which will be culled quite soon - just need a spare weekend day to do it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Breeding update - Shiro's and Kohaku-dscn1696shoal-1.jpg   Breeding update - Shiro's and Kohaku-dscn1706shoal-1.jpg   Breeding update - Shiro's and Kohaku-dscn1707shoal-1.jpg   Breeding update - Shiro's and Kohaku-dscn1711shoal-1.jpg   Breeding update - Shiro's and Kohaku-dscn1709shoal-1.jpg  

    Regards, Bob
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