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Thread: What is considered an expensive koi?

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    Honmei keokoi's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike T

    My wife would appreciate getting her collandar back... no need to send tubs,next time will borrow Guy's who lives 10 minutes from me...

    Like the Horimoto Fish Market Avatar... Do your friends, in haole land, know that dem fish were for eating, not watching...

    Aloha! Mike T

    I would borrow guys. My next trip out to Oahu I will bring tubs for guy..

    I would just hang out with Mr. Kmett so I can help him over at Mancini's pond!! That would be priceless. I think at AKCA in Hawaii the room stopped when she walked it.. LOL

    Horimoto t-shirts are priceless. Those who have them are Lucky.. I wish I was Adopted in that Family! Well I am I guess in a way...

    Since we are talking about Hawaii.. Give a shout out to... Vernon, Nelson, Carl, haole Carl and Guy... Keep it real!!!!

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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    82 Miles east of Waddy
    Hi all

    An expensive koi its all in eye of the beholder or
    lets see it must be a dead one.

    Steve W

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    Oct 2004
    Joe, you are family. You are my brudda!!!!! Ken and I always welcome koi kichi friends in our hearts. I hope if we have another koi event in Hawaii I get to meet the wonderful koi people on this web site.....or maybe at Kevins show. We try to have our friends in Hawaii to get excited with this wonderful hobby. With Mike, Nelson, Steve, Guy etc. our Hawaii support gets stronger. The koi-bito web site is the best where everyone is willing to support anyone on a positive attitude. I love to be on the Koi-unit!!!!! shir

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