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Thread: Tragedy again..microscope pics..HELP!!!

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    I understand - I just don't know if its in the best interest to tax the fish's system. If you're going to try, then do Baytril or Naxcel - do NOT use Amikicin, which has definte toxology problems.

    If the fish's gills are still nice, meaty red and crisp, then the kidneys have not shut down and the prognosis is good. If they've begun to pale - you need to act fast. If they're already just "pink" - you can try, but the prognosis is not good. Trust me on this, I *do* understand wanting to save the fish. It rips my heart out to lose one.

    Treating the pond with PP will keep aeromonas/pseudomonas bacteria under control, as well as some other parasites. It's best to do a thorough cleaning of the pond bottom and filters, remove plants, etc. to ensure that there is little "dirt" so the PP will work on the water column (and fish), and not on other stuff.

    Treatment of sick fish is not yet a science; there are many variables. If you feel in your gut that Suggestion A won't work but Suggestion B appears to have promise - use your "gut reaction" to determine the choice. You are there with your fish - we're not. You have to make the decision, anyway.

    Good luck - and keep us advised.


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    B, just want to chip in my 2 cent. given that this is the second time you have major koi illness, have you spend anytime considering the following:

    1. source of your new kois
    2. QT process
    3. your pond environment. If wild animals regularly visit your pond, your pond is more likely to have parasites you don't want.

    ANother thing I like to bring up is Koizyme. I do think it is a bad bacteria zipper, it is not likely to help your pond much unless you truely bomb out your filters.


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    Hi Marco, thanks for the dosages...If I need them, its good to have them handy.

    Saratogatan..These were all issues. I purchased a crappy koi from a pet store, and didn't quarantine him. Thats when this all started. I also get wild animals regularly..I use the scarecrow motion activated sprinkler to scare them off. It just stinks that after losing almost all my fish, bleaching everything, and drying out the pond, that this is still happening. So far, only 3 fish have that bloated look, and hopefully I can save them. The rest of the pond is still doing ok. Very active and eating well. Very little flashing...maybe 1 fish, once each day. I am on vacation now...but will return home in a few days. If I see any flashing, I will attack it with a vengence. The PP is sitting there, the Praziquintel is ready..as is the form/mal green. All I am doing for the pond currently is koizyme to reduce the level of pseudomonas and aeromonas. This is usually what causes the kidney infections. I hope I go home to NO MORE PROBLEMS. I also hope those 3 fish recover...they have been eating well...and do not seem to be in distress. Wish me luck.
    I also realize how badly I screwed up last time....when I thought it was KHV and began to heat the pond, thats when everything simply exploded!!! I had my pond go from 72 to 80 overnight...and they began to drop like flies. The parasites and bacteria couldn't have been happier!!!

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