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Thread: Gas prices hit All time high!!! Norcal $3.50..ATL $6.00 a gallon..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnorth
    You must not be driving a British car either .
    Hell no!!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Gas prices hit All time high!!! Norcal .50..ATL .00 a gallon..-evo-ext4b.jpg  

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    Washington State
    My house is powered by a Bergey wind turbine which covers all but a couple hundred dollars of my electricity costs each year (kept adding ponds!) The wind in my area is a class six out of seven. This is also handy when my hair dryer malfunctions.

    I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid, which gets about 45 miles per gallon (since I drive back and forth over a mountain pass regularly) otherwise it would do better.

    I do this because I feel better about being part of a solution by conserving.

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    When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I
    take her out to some place

    So I took her ass to a gas station!!!!!!!

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    You're the MAN Chris.

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