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My mistake,

I was pricing the media off of an English website. Everything seems to be more expensive there. So it would be $300.00 as opposed to $850.00, which is still a nice savings, especially if this works as well.
Is it really a mystery about how the media works? It seems to me that any media with extremely high surface area in a highly oxygenated system like the Bakki shower would reduce huge quantities of waste. There is more surface area and more oxygen.
The Bakki media is not a new idea, years ago I ran across a product called Siporax. This media has a surface area of 82,000 square feet per cubic foot. I do not know what it is made of, but it looks very similar to the Bakki media. The problem with the media, besides being very expensive, is that it looses efficiency when the pores get clogged. In a traditional gravity flow system this media would probably be the same as anything else. In a Bakki shower it would probably perform really well. Since this media is more expensive than the Bakki media, I am still searching, and may have found something.
Yeah that is the stuff you put in your fuval aquarium filter....