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Thread: My new koi...what type is it?

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    Dec 2003
    wow Brutus, i couldn't get this much talk generated over my fish...and they look somewhat alike...yours doesn't have any metallic sheen in the fins, a half-good Kujaku would..
    but the body does look like it has metallic sheen...I guess that's why we are tossing this one about.....

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    Honmei Brutuscz's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Normally, I wouldn't buy a fish with zero show potential. But, since I had so much trouble this season...I have no big koi. Some awesome small prospects...but nothing large. It's really the end of the season here in new england...Nobody buys koi once september hits, so I look for bargains. My local koi shop owner said...ahhh, give me $53 and you can have him. For an 18-20" koi...why the heck not!!! If I decide in a year or two I don't like him...you'll see him on ebay..lol. He does seem full of personality...so he'll probably stay.

    Anyway..I'm still not sure what type he is? We have any professional judges who want to chime in? The body has an excellent metallic sheen.

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    Honmei Brutuscz's Avatar
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    Jun 2005


    Here is another pic..if that helps. I also included two lousy pics of my new 6inch showa. Bought him at the same time.

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