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Thread: Pics before Katrina hits New Orleans

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    Oyagoi koifishgirl's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    Have been gone all day and just got home, I did ask Jack where these pics came from before I posted, I made sure from him before so this would not happen, when we left to go cut grass I ask him what the guys name was because I wanted to post, come to find out he did not know where the pics came from and misunderstood me, I told him when we get back home I got to tell them that it was a misunderstanding. Sorry to have mislead anyone I can assure you I was as honest as I was told.


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    Mar 2005
    Well funny you should mention Hurricane Katrina. I just got back from doing some volunteer work in the New Orleans area. I put a special section on my website covering the trip.
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    Oyagoi kingkong's Avatar
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    I can not tell you how important the volunteers were at our local church. I asked my wife the other day how we managed those hard weeks after Andrew. We received meals and encouragement from people like you. Job well done.

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