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Thread: Your password

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    Your password

    I was on another board yesterday (not a koi message board) and got a PM. The PM said, " If you're using the same password anywhere else, you will want to change all of your passwords. It seems that people are getting other people passwords off of message boards and a lot of other places, and trying to get into other places with them".

    I know something like this does happen. It happen to a friend of mine. He used the same password on everything had did. They got into his eBay account, Pay-Pal account, and he thinks they used it to log into his computer to kill his website. So, I strongly suggest if you are one of these people, change all of your passwords ASAP. Never use the same password on anything you do. I know it can be hard to keep track of what passwords what, but you need to be safe.


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    Yep Tom, Very good point! I could very easily see someone doing that!

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