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Thread: Nishikigoi the Movie DVD dissapointing

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    Nov 2004


    momotaro DVD by KB is the best I saw sofar. It is very clear to watch and want constantly watching later.

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    Sansai tewa's Avatar
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    May 2004
    I have watched the momotaro dvd 9 times what about the rest of you guys?


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    Dec 2003
    Colorado, USA
    I think it is a great video, one of the best. I do wish that we could hear the narrative better over the other sounds in parts though...

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    Jul 2005
    yep, koi bito dvd is the best ive seen so far,

    the sound is a bit off at times but the content is great,

    what id really like to see in a DVD that i havent so far at least not in any great depth is where a japanese breeder talks you through koi selection etc, from tosai to jumbo to parents.

    1. starting with parent selection...in depth talk of why these certain parents were chosen etc,

    2. fry and culling...pointing out why certain koi have been culled and why other koi are kept etc.

    3. tosai and nisai tategoi selection...going through why certain koi are selected as tategoi and others not.....why a breeder feels a certain koi will not grow well or show a good body shape, or colour at a later stage, also sexing koi at a young age.

    4. jumbo koi...showing us the end result and describing what the breeder was trying to achieve all along...such as a certain colour or certain features etc...then the breeder describing the stages of some famous koi he has in photos from tosai to jumbo, to further illustrait the points he would be making on the dvd.

    5. a koi breeder talking about water quality and pond size, feeding, temps etc in order to grow and maintain jumbo koi and good growth.

    p.s. if anyone has seen such an in depth dvd please let me know. ive seen the geoff kemp ones but i feel they are rather lightweight in detail. the same for the `nigata in springtime` dvd.


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