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Thread: Dealers and QT new koi

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    Dealers and QT new koi

    It seems like over the years we have heard a lot about KHV. With you much talk and some dealers getting hit with it, why are we seeing dealers not heat cycling koi? Is it because they trust the breeders they are getting koi from? It seems like more breeders in Japan are starting to get hit with KHV. Does this mean we will see more dealers heat cycling QT koi? It seems like I can count the dealers that do heat cycle on one hand.


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    A future show to be defined soon....
    can ypu explain the heat cycling QT process? what is the major different
    comparing to the normal QT process?

    thx, --dinh

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    Dec 2003
    KHV become dormant at lower temps and Breaks out in the 70 something range...and then is said to become "unviable" after being exposed to water in the nineties...
    So if you take up and bring em down you will know if you have KHV in the shipment...if you put some naivee canary koi in there as there could be n active carrier in the QT which remains asymptomatic

    The numbers are just "general" numbers and the amount of time spent at each temperature stage is a necesary part of the process....but that should give you an idea....

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