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Thread: More bakki talk

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    More bakki talk

    It seems like most bakki showers are not all that wide or deep, is their a reason for this. I'm thinking about building one for the pond. I was thinking 72" long 18" deep and from front to back about 24" The Bakki would have three of these to it. How much room would I want to have between each filter for air? What would be a good flow rate for a system like this? Do you think one this size would do much for a 9,000 gallon pond?


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    The reason they aren't very wide is that you want to get as much water over the media as possible. I'd guess for your setup you need two spraybars fed by seperate pumps to get as much flow as possible. Don't see why it wouldn't work though.
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    Jim the plan is to use the two pumps that use on my skimmers. I would use two spraybars on it. I'm guessing about 7,500 to 8,000 gph between the two of them.

    I like the looks of yours a lot. The plan is to do something like yours.

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