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Thread: Dragon Pump Testing Results

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    Dec 2003
    yes Bickal a pump can suck air even if it has a flooded suction..if the pump pulls water at a faster rate than the water's depth pressure is then a negative pressure is formed...and IF there is a leak on the suction side it will be able to draw air.

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    For those interested in how this issue started read this: http://www.koi-bito.com/forum/showt...85&page=1&pp=10

    and continued :Defect In Dragon Pumps

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    Well, I am going to give my 2 cents on this matter. I find it odd that so many people are looking down on SCV. For a customer complaint to take 2yrs to resolve is unbelievable to me. It shouldn't have even taken 2 weeks. I have been in business for 16 yrs. and when a customer has a complaint, everything else stops and the complaint is put at first priority. If someone goes around talking bad about my services/products, they will get a personal visit from me to see how we can reslove the problem, granted my products and work are mainly on the west coast so I can do that, not as easy for Lim.

    But after the bench testing at Lim's, and the customer still complains, the way I would have handeled it is to hand the customer a new pump, and put the old one on the shelf, for sale as a re-conditioned unit. Very simple no money lost, and you have a happy customer. During the time the old pump is on your shelf, you can pick it apart and see if the consumer had a legitemate complaint.

    For the blame to be put on the "wet-end" manufacter, is wrong period! Mr. Lim's name is on the side of the pump and he is the one marketing them, and doing the customer service for His product. If Lim is not manufacturing the parts in house, and has to use a outside source, it's Lim's responsiblity to make sure the outside source is producing the part correctly.

    The people that feel it was wrong of SCV to put this in public, why was it wrong? If he hadn't he would still have a pump that wasn't any good.
    Before the "lemon" law for cars it was pretty common practice for a consumer to park the "lemon" car in front of the dealers lot with a huge sign in the window stating their problem with the car, and for other consumers not to buy the product.

    Doing business with a handshake in this day and age has gone by the wayside. People have to do whatever it takes anymore to be heard.

    I found it odd that Mr. Lim didn't come over here once and try to clear his name????? So he was in the process of moving ........ There's a computer on every corner these days, and if I were in his shoes, I'd have found one.

    Everyone supports Lim like this is a isolated incident, there was many other people that post saying they had problems with Lim's service as well. I myself talked to a dealer about 6 weeks ago, that used to sell Lim's products (hasn't sold another product since this incedent), and he told me that he had purchased a Lim UV light for his own pond that never worked right, and just like this situation it went on for a extended period of time, and during the last conversation with Lim, Mr. Lim said that the ballast was the incorret one for the unit (it was supplied with the unit when it was produced) but it was out of warranty so the dealer would need to buy the correct one?????? To admit that you produced a product that had a wrong part in it, and to leave it as the customers problem????? Well, I saw the unit tossed aside at the dealer, and the dealer that I spoke with is as true blue as they come, so to me the bottom line is Lim may treat some people very well and others not so well.

    I am not "bashing" Mr. Lim just stating facts as I have seen them through this process. I own a Dragon pump , have run it dry numerous time, and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

    The bottom line as I see it though all these posts and threads is, Lim could use some refinement on his customer service. As with most things in life not one of us is perfect, but in business my goal is to strive for perfection, because the customer put food on my table.

    Not everyone is going to jump on the WLim band wagon in support, some people prefer some products and hate others, just the way it is, "that's why you drive a Cadilac, and I drive a Lexus", just the way it is.
    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” Adolf Hitler


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    OK, then, here's my 3 cents . . .

    I don't look down on SCV for going public. I look down on him for his lack of graciousness in "victory."

    (Oh, and then there's the matter of your neurotic attack on Steve Childers -- a man who went completely out of his way to help resolve YOUR problem. Bad form, dude.)

    IMHO, SCV stands convicted in this court of public inquiry as a whining ingrate. The entire body of his 13 K-B posts prove conclusively he's a one trick pony utterly lacking in socially redeeming value.

    Hopefully, his Mother Ship will arrive soon and take him Home. Out. Don

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    Dec 2003
    Florida, USA (Almost Paradise)


    Koi Cop-- That's about as assinine, unfounded attack as I've ever seen here.

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    SJ, CA

    guys/gals, let's grow up...

    and put this behind us.


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    Oct 2005
    Simi Valley, CA

    my thoughts...no bashing

    well, I have never dealt with William and have none of his pumps. (can't afford them) But other then this thread I have only heard wonderful things about the man and even more wonderful things about his products. You don't build a reputation like that by ripping people off.

    I don't condone the bashing/attacks that have taken place on these threads. But to me it doesn't matter where the problem was, in the pump or in the installation. In my opinion the pump never should have been tested in the first place. I have dealt with several faulty pumps and from other manufacturers (mostly Cal pump ) and every time it's been a 10 min phone call and when I hung up a new pump was in the mail to me. No questions asked, never asked to test the pump or for proof of the problem, just said sorry about the problem, use the packaging from the new pump to send the old pump back....end of story. If that's what William had done this thread never would have happened. When he got the old pump back, if he tested it and felt it ok, he could have sold it as reconditioned to recover his costs. If the problem continued after the new pump was installed, then it would have been clear to the customer the problem was in the installation.

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    Dec 2003
    We'll never know how lim thinks...
    but in general those that support him do so because the product has been good... not because of his customer service...true their are a few people that come to his defense ...
    and in general those that do NOT support lim had very poor customer service...i've spoken with lim, and the man seems to refuse to believe anything you tell him if he has already made an assumption which doesn't mesh well with what he already believes...i don't know why....perhaps his life experiences have been harsh

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    First I will start this out saying thank you to Steve and Tim C for being honest with all of this. I knew with Steve doing the testing the truth would come out.

    First SCV didn't bring this issue to the board, so you have no reason to say the things you are about him. If you have something to say, say it to me. I'm the one that posted it. Why would SCV still be up-set? Hell, he has been dealing with this since 02/21/03 when he bought the pump. It has been over 3 years dealing with it. He also had to go out and buy a new $500+ pump to replace this pump that didn't work right. If it was me, it would have came out a long time ago, and not so nice.

    If you go back to the first thread posted you will see other dealers have had issues with Lim. So it's not just one person that didn't get treated right. I do want to let ALL of you know, LIM never talked to me or SCV about all of this since it was posted. I talked to people that didn't work for him to fix this issue. ONLY after telling Tim C about how Lim or Lim's people have not even address this with me or the customer I got a email from Elliott that works for Lim. He was wondering if the customer got the new pump and how it was doing. Now that we know that it was the pump, I would love to see Elliott call the customer and me and tell us they are sorry about all of this. If he does, it's over for good. If not, all I can say is pour customer service.

    As for it being over, yes it is over and THANK GOD!

    Keep it simple, keep it straight Koi-Bito.com

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    This was never about whether the pump was defective. The pump was always defective. It was defective when I bought it, it was defective 3 months after I bought it, it was defective when I found the actual leak and it was defective when Steve looked at it. IT WAS A DEFECTIVE PUMP!!!! PERIOD. William may very well have good products (In fact that is why I bought his pump in the first place). But this pump was bad! This is all about poor customer service and I think I have a right to be upset about how I was treated and the expense and effort I have had to go through to rectify the problem.

    I do appreciate the fact that Steve and Tom C ultimately got the problem resolved and I now have a working pump and William now knows how to test his pumps properly. My point all along was simply that it should not have had to come to that. William should have provided better customer service from the beginning and none of this would have been necessary.

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