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Thread: Bakki Shower/Bacteria House vs Conventional Submerged Filtration System.

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    Jul 2005
    JR... that was one of the most hilariously relevant things I've read in a long time. Bravo!

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    Nov 2005

    Laughing so hard, it hurts

    I just wanna leave this George guy alone in the P. Rico jungle as such the FIR echo would get lost somewhere. But James R's story is too funny to hold back anymore!! ) MALe

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    Dec 2003
    Medway, Kent, England
    I must say I've really enjoyed the banter on this thread, so much less vindictive and abusive than some of the other threads.

    Keep it going George/Val/JR/Papa.

    Come on George, find out what BHM is made of please.

    JR - second episode should be good, loved episode 1.

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    Southern California

    Jr . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by James P
    Episode Two of Curious George and the Mail Box to follow--------
    as much as I enjoyed your flight of fancy (and I did enjoy it), please stop forthwith. Back in the day when I was On The Job, we learned the dangers of encouraging these types.

    Typically encountered on street corners mumbling feverishly to passersby about their fixations (such as Napoleon, the Flat Earth Society, various JFK conspiracy theories, little green men, FIR and direct communications with God), the only prudent course of action is to place them in a warm padded cell until Good Nurse Ratchet shows up with a small paper cup of psychotropic meds. Don

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    Nov 2004
    Papabear : One last question (digression). Did the unused brain belong to an engineer or an attorney? I've heard it both ways and was hoping you could settle it .

    I better not confirm the answer as I have been receiving phone calls not to reveal what may be their industrial secret.

    Assuming the water source as the only origin of the nitrates in my case how soon is the nitrate level expected to drop after I stop my usual water change?

    When do you all think I should start by-passing my existing filters? It has been coming to 5 weeks since I started the BS/BH.

    Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

    Thanks, dtbh.

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    Assuming the water source as the only origin of the nitrates in my case how soon is the nitrate level expected to drop after I stop my usual water change?

    I did a check on my nitrate level after your earlier post. My pond nitrate level measured 12.5 ppm. Tap water nitrate level measured 12.5 ppm. Not satisfied I did a check on RO water it also measured 12.5 ppm. Even my distilled water measured 12.5 ppm. Now I am very doubful of my test kit.

    I suggest u carry out a couple of test to verify the accuracy of your test kit so that the measurement would be accurate.

    How soon to by pass the existing filter ? I would suggest that you only by pass your existing filter after a slim coat has formed on the BH media. An indication of matured filter media.

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    May 2004

    JR you gotta be kidding

    Hi guys

    I have been rather busy lately and thus decided to leave this thread alone but followed it everyday.

    One I have not seen JGeorge insult anyone except Val and JR surprise, surprise.

    Its the same two people on every board that starts the same old s..t about bacteria house.

    I know for a fact that JG is not doing a disservice to momotaro, Brian, Daisuke or Mr Maeda.

    Its rather funny hearing it coming from the two biggest anti momotaro people around. JR you and Val not only bash the media but you discredit the achievements of momotaro koi farm, and have openly insulted them on public (more val than JR) and called them lies and scammers

    JR you posess a lot of great knowledge but you are the most ironical person i have ever met on the web. But I got to give it to you, you are damn good at kissing japanese breeders asses and shining their shoes and also back stabbing and insulting them with your absolute knowledge of asian culture and their beliefs in mythical things.

    Val not that you ever remember but alot of the literature posted on previous threads with FIR noted that the biological effect is due to the reduction of water clusters in the cells.

    There is no such thing as a zero maintenance pond but the closer you get the more time to enjoy your koi. Soft low TDS water is the perfect pond water.

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    Dec 2003
    News Flash---- News Flash-------- News flash-------- News Flash

    Plastic biomedia placed in an 8 ft tall trickle tower reduces nitrate levels in a test pond formally run with Jmat only. Therefore plastic media emits FIR---

    Tongue in cheek News Flash----- tongue in cheek News flash------- Tongue in cheek News Flash------- tongue in cheek news flash--------

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    Dec 2003
    Ok, OK no more jokes. But why, O why do these wacky distributors beg me to make them look silly?
    To ALL the peoples of Asia I apologize for showing this to all the Peoples of the west:
    Here is a typical ad for FIR ceramics, mostly produced out of Korea but also Japan. Read the claims----

    Biocera ceramic Balls Manufactured from a variety of functional ceramic materials which has a special Ceramic Balls formation with abundant inorganic minerals, and being wisely used for filler of various kind of Water Purifier. It also functions adsorption removal of impurities and harmful heavy metal and large quantity elution of mineral ingredient, antibacterial action, help human metabolism and natural healing ability.

    Water Purifier, Water Softener, water tank, Fish Pond and etc.

    1) Super Ceramic Ball

    - Contain above 10 kinds of Minerals
    - Emits of Far Infrared Rays
    - Activation of Animal & Plant Metabolism
    - Diminution of Heavy Metal

    - Color : Red
    - Size : 3mm, 5mm

    2) Antibacterial Ceramic Ball

    - Antibacterial & Disinfection
    - Prevents Microbe's Propagation
    - Predominant Safety to Human Body

    - Color : Red
    - Size : 3mm, 5mm

    3) Remove Chlorine Ceramic Ball for water softer
    - Diminution of Bad Smell(organic matter, chlorine, impurities)
    - Remove Residual Chlorine Perfectly

    4) Calcium - Alkali Ceramic Ball
    - Makes Water Alkalescence
    - Emits High Capacity of Calcium(Enhance The Bone Regeneration)
    - Elute of Inorganic Minerals

    5) -Water Ceramic Ball
    - Increase the oxidation-reduction water molecule- Cuts Bonds between the Molecules to have the Property of UnIonic Water
    - Help Human Metabolism
    - Natural Healing Ability & Increase Immunity

    6) Tourmaline Ceramic Ball
    - Emits High Capacity of Far infrared Rays
    - Discharge High Capacity of Negative Ion
    - Natural Healing Ability & Increase Immunity

    7) Negative Ion Ceramic Ball
    - Discharge High Capacity of Negative Ion(above 800/cc)
    - Natural Healing Ability & Increase Immunity
    - Emits of High Far Infrared Radiations

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    Dec 2003
    Sorry all, two cups of coffee this morning!

    So the 'two great thinkers' and peddlers of FIR myth here, need to supply 'this dope' with some information. As I understand your many explanations, BH is a ceramic that is exposed to temps over 1200 degrees F and these ingredients, plus the heat, create a nugget that can:

    1) emit FIR into the surrounding water perpetually like no other material.
    2) FIR emitted from BH reduce organics to nothingness.
    3) improve the molecular makeup of water by changing water clusters and oxygen levels on the molecular level.
    4) and you didn't say this but the cartoon ad implies it- that organic consuming bugs on the inside of the media denitrify water, reducing nitrate and eliminating organic content directly from the water.

    Is that about right? Now boys, just answer the question- no insults or reams of Internet chatter or back peddling--- just a YES, NO or simple RESTATING OF the -- gulp--- FACTS/CLAIMS!

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