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Thread: Why doesn't the AKCA have a chat board?

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    wild horse dinh's Avatar
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    May 2005
    A future show to be defined soon....
    Quote Originally Posted by bekko
    ZNA has one too - but its never used.

    -steve hopkins
    When I first searching for the pond contruction information, i saw that site too.
    I think one of KB member is the first one to start the first thread there since Jan. 05, it has about 3 threads and 7 posts totally up to now.... Think about that;-))

    There are some other koi forum out there as well. Reading some posts in other sites when first accessing to them and some of threads that really made me sick...

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    Jumbo Bern's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Sunningdale, UK
    The BKKS, a similar institution to the AKCA & ZNA put a forum on their web-site some years back. It never became popular and one of its faults was that it wasn't moderated. Which was often an embarassment as posts directed to the BKKS weren't being answered.

    The Council later decided to drop the idea and outsource to a more popular UK forum, where one of its members (me at the time) would monitor it for any BKKS related posts and answer/or feedback into the Society.

    That experience and a couple of others have led me to believe that a forum's success is down to the folks that frequent them, rather than the organisation that provides them.

    South East Koi Club

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    Jumbo Regenmeneer's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    I could not agree with you more Bern.

    Here in the Netherlands, there are several forums, including one by the Dutch ZNA chapter. But their forum never became popular either, whereas another, independant forum is very popular. It is just over three years in excistance, has more than 1750 active members, and almost 80000 posts.

    The strenght of this forum are the people on it, and the level of knowledge that they bring to it. The members of a forum make or break a forum.


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    wild horse dinh's Avatar
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    May 2005
    A future show to be defined soon....
    second motion to what Bern and Regenmeneer comments.


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