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Thread: Flouride in tap water

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    Nov 2005

    Flouride in tap water

    Armed with (sodium) flouride in tooth paste is an anticavity agent and flouridation programs help reducing tooth cavity in children, some cities are thinking about adding flouride in their water. What is the effect(s) of flouride on koi? I would think that is very bad news because flouride is toxin itself. Also, what's type of filter to remove flouride from tap water. Thank you. MA Le

    ps. Maybe I should ask what does flouride in tap water do a human being?

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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    I am not aware of any scientific study of the effect of flouridated water on koi. There are many studies of the beneficial effect on teeth and bones generally. I know there are concerns that flouridation might be a source of cancer, but no studies support the notion. From the time I was growing up to today, I've never lived any place that did not have flouridated water. I've kept fish of one type or another for about fifty years. I'd not blame my failures on flouride. Whether it contributed to any of my successes, I cannot say.

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    I've never lived anywhere where it was an issue, but it is a good question. Since it has a tendency to discolor teeth it makes one wonder if it may possibly influence koi coloring as well.

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    seattle, wa
    the reports I have read do not indicate any harm to koi or tropical fishes. I have lived off and on in cities that have had this in their supply and have not experienced any difference in my fish keeping...

    Welcome new poster...as i look at your name I wonder if you are the person my friend Dan Vadney talks about frequently?

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    Dick B, my name is MaiAnh Le and live in California. Yes, a newbie but quite crazy about koi. I don't know Dan, but don't mind knowing him ... another koi kichi?

    Papabear, koi teeth is deep in their throat. So no one would care if they are stain! The skin quality is another issue. My concern is the health and the live of koi itself.

    MikeM, I am aware of any city with flouridated water. The city of San Francisco was TALKING about it. So far this city added chloramine to its tap earlier of this year due to health concern.

    Happy Thanksgivings everyone! :0 MA Le

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    I have had aquarium fish for decades, both salt and freshwater and there has never been a problem with flouride. And.....I have never had to take a fish to the dentist for cavities! (yet)

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    Hi mynamy1,

    I will give you a different point of view about flouridation and a website to check out: www,fluoridation.com for more information. First the affect on our fish. From everything I have read and been told the fluoride they add to the water will not affect our fish. Once put into the water there is really no effective (and inexpensive) way to remove it. Reverse Osmosis might come close but is expensive.

    The fluoride added to water is a waste product from a manufacturing process. It is metered into the water. Too much can cause severe staining of our teeth and damage to bones. It is not approved by the FDA. It is an expensive system to purchase, use, and maintain.

    It does not treat anything in the water. Rather it treats the individual. It is only effective in children for preventing tooth decay with any appreciative results. The benifit to adults is minor. If an individual has the disease that causes tooth decay (paraphrasing here, wording may not be an exact description) then the fluoride treatment will provide some benefit. Essentially fluoride in your water treats you for a disease you may or may not have.

    The voters here were able to stop the use of the fluoride in our water by passing legislation.

    Good Luck,


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