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Thread: All Japan! coming up fast! Who's going?

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    Wait the vacation is over? and we got PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by koiczar
    The show may be over, but the memories will last til long into the night!! The show was definitely worth the trip! To see that many high quality fish in one place is truly amazing. I have looked over my own pics of the show and can't decide which was my favorite fish. I think the Momotaro sanke that took kokugyo for 85bu was probably the best fish in my eyes for overall quality. Just didn't haave the volume the GC had. But the sumi was the best I've ever seen. Then there was a Goshiki that you can only dream of owning. It's pic is posted on the group of photos Russ Peters posted. It's old style - but the black and red are totally clean, even and very strong - presents a very imposing look when seen in person - the pic isn't too bad either.

    Everyone has been posting about the GC - well, I was discussing the fish with Frank Morales at the show on Saturday morning. His first impression was one of surprise that the fish actually had won over the reserve GC(this was after seeing pictures of it). I pointed out that the beni on the reserve was no where close to it as it appeared very hard and on the way down. Also the shiroji wasn't as good. So, we both took another look at both - first the reserve, then the GC. Wow, you could immediately see the difference. Personally, I didn't feel the shiroji was up to GC caliber, but the beni was definitely the best among the competition. Also, the volume of this fish cannot be appreciated in pictures. It was truly amazing. The odome was about 3" wide at the tail joint - absolutely unbelievable. This fish was definitely the best of the best at this show. I read a couple of posts yesterday before falling asleep at the computer due to jet lag. Concerning how the fukurin really belies the quality of the shiroji at this size - thinking more about it that is truly correct. Fish of this size with high quality fukurin really indent the scales to a degree that makes them look creamy instead of bright white as on smaller fish. A good case in point was the jumbo Asagi that we saw that belongs to Hosokoi Yorijyo. It was over 90cm and the fukurin was so thick that it looked like you took cake frosting and created a net pattern around the scales. This fish took Kokugyo honors and was absolutely incredible. Not one blemish on the entire fish. The hi was perfectly banded along the bottom flanks with color on all finnage. The amazing thing is that the belly was totally white. This was truly the best Asagi I've ever seen in person. Dick B. - this is what you're dreaming of!! I know Russ took pictures of it as well as his 85bu Goshiki Kokugyo. Hope it has or will be posted. I'll try to post some of my pics also-just have to resize.
    I can't wait till next year to go back! That Hapuna was something else!!!

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    Yeah! Hapuna all the way baby!! That food was great!! It was great to spend some time with you too. I had a blast at the show. We also got down to Maruyama and Sakai's place to buy fish!!. What a trip. Can't wait to do it all over again!!

    Send me a pm with directions and your phone number so I can come up for a visit when I'm out that way


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