Hello everyone;

I was out feeding my koi this morning and they looked so adoreable that I decided to snap a few pictures. Water temps are still hovering above 50 degrees here so my koi are still quite active. Additional pics are availalbe on my website, http://www.josephandgabby.com/pond. If you stop by, please be sure to sign my guestbook. Happy holidays! - Joseph

Note: I chose all the koi in my ponds because I think they're beautiful. I have no desire to enter them into any koi shows, and honestly, could care less about them being "show quality" or not. I bought them for my own personal enjoyment as I spend countless hours relaxing near our backyard ponds. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you can't say anything nice then please feel entirely free to keep your opinions to yourself. Thanks! Everyone else, by all means, please feel free to respond and to visit my website. Again, happy holidays!