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Thread: Clay

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    Bentonite clays is a seriously clumping clay for making cat litter or sealing mud ponds. The best koi in the world are raised in mud ponds in Japan where the water is very soft, in the 70ppm range. The clay and the incoming water carry very few minerals. The benefit in the suspended clay is keeping the water turbid and protecting the koi from strong sunlight....or predatory birds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
    Not much. Clay is not soluble, although some constituent minerals may actually dissolve into the water. However, it is so fine that when it settles there is only a very thin film deposited on the surface of virtually everything. It is so thin a film that you do not see it.... unless you put in far more than is usually suggested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MCA View Post
    Try it and let us know.
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    On the farm here, there is plenty of white clay that starts between 1-2 feet down depending on the location, so there is absolutely no issues of holding water. That's great for ponds, but terrible if you have any low-lying parts in the yard that don't have a steady drop out to a drainage area.

    Will be digging a few ponds out real soon for tosai and bigger koi. Have to wait for things to dry down a bit as this type of clay very happily clogs up smaller buckets on my tractor.

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    I remember reading this article a couple of years ago. Excellent information. I used to be a truck driver for the "Oildri" corporation. All I did was haul vast quantities of this all over the east coast. It is mined in south Georgia. The pure form is perfect for Koi. It enhances the colors and seems to give them a healthy burst of growth.I usually put in just a quarter cup in about 200 gallons. They LOVE it! It's gone in minutes. If you get it at an auto parts store the 50# bag is only $8 and lasts for a very long time.
    I agree,,, you MUST make sure it is the pure raw form without the fragrances or any additives, such as cat litter.

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