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Thread: Carp/Koi History

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    True papabear. Fear and defeat pretending to be rational have caused many men to stumble to their own ruination.

    As for evil capitalists, truth is capitalism can make a man ruin others and suppose he has won something, but then that same capitalism can be used to ruin him if you understand what makes him and others tick. Reaping and sowing. Some call those 'ad campaigns' others call them 'political campaigns'. I still canot tell the difference. I just know they work.

    The ability to influence can be used both ways, and everyone has the baility ot influence whether they realize it or not, most folks do not.

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    Very interesting thread. Love history!!!

    When talking about carp/koi history, there are two major written events that I think we need to mention:

    1) The first Chinese book called "YOGYOKYO" written by Hanrei. This is known as an oldest book (533 BC) in the world regarding fish. This book set out the methods of breeding koi.

    2) The first document to koi in Japan written in the passage books "Emperor Keiko 71 - 130 AD" (Emperor Keiko real name is Oho Tarasihiko Osiwake No Mikoto). In the Emperor Keiko 74 AD, Emperor Keiko is mentioned as interesting viewing koi and kept koi in the Emperor Garden. With that, the carp/koi first came to Japan much earlier than many articles have been dated.


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    Interesting info Dinh - That took some serious research I'm sure. Nice job!!

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