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Thread: Growth in a years time

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    I had an Asagi from blackwater, a fry from april go from ~3" to ~18" this season. The best tosai to nisai growth I had this season was a showa from ~6.5 to ~18".

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    Excellent reading. Winter for my koi (water below 50F) is 6 months (from October to March). With the addition of my koihouse, the koi are now back up to 60F. This gave them 2 months fast with water temps below 40F. I am hoping that was long enough, and that I can safely hold them around 60-65F until I spawn them in Spring (May).

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    I think you've answered your own question

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C
    ...I have a friend that feeds nothing but but high protein foods most of the year. I have to say I don't think he's getting any better growth then me in the pond. On the other hand I have another friend that will only feed Hikari Wheat Germ that has a protein level of 34% and his growth is outstanding. Most of his koi put on more growth then any of my koi. One put on 12" in 11 months. Also his koi look so much better shape wise then the guy feeding the high protein foods. So how much does the protein levels play in growth of koi?

    One other thing, the guy with the good growth has a pond with a LOT of current in it.
    Strong currents coupled with readily digestible protien and calories create a growth metabolism. A physically active lifestyle in humans (strong currents for Koi) stimulates metabolic rates resulting in better digestion/assimilation of protiens, etc... so long as easily burned calories are available. I'll bet if you were to dissect koi from both of your friends ponds you would find a tremendous difference in both skeletal and muscle mass as well as a big difference in muscle texture. Kind of like the difference between wild Trout and Salmon(Bright, firm, flakey meat) vs. pond raised (pale, dull, and mushy).

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