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Thread: Happy Three Kings Day

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    Happy Three Kings Day

    Today is the holiday here that celebrates the 3 wise men coming to Bethlehem by following the star over the barn. In Latin America it is a break away from the european, american, and western view of the Christmas season, the 3 Kings are generally depicted as being oriental (from the east).

    The kids wake up, like with Santa Claus, to gifts left by the 3 wise men. So children here grow up thinking oriental men are both wise, wealthy, and kind and generous. Most americans and folks from the orient do not know about that holiday, it is as big as Christmas here. Everyone is off from work, my family just left from the meal and I am full. I think it is a great holiday and a great sense of peace and love always settles over the island on this day. So today, I would like to thank our wise men from the far east for bringing us the wonderful hobby of koi!

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    What about this thread Jay

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    it has to be a better holidays than in US because each kid gets 3 presents from each of 3 kings as compare to only one gift from the imaginary Santa.

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