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Thread: Kai's Pond, Germany

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    Kai is offline
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    Oct 2005
    Germany, Münster
    Welcome and thanks for posting your beautiful pond, first class filtration system and stunning new fish! The "new pump" you mentioned above caught my eye, is it true that you can get 32000Liter/hour using only 160 watts? I don't think I've seen that efficiency for most of the pumps used here in the US, can you provide more details, i.e., manufacturer please.


    Hi Jane,
    yes it is true, here the link: http://www.linn-geraetebau.de/content_e/index_e.htm
    Its the pipe pump L3, but not fore beadfiltrationsystems.

    kind regards

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    Nisai maryland_ponder's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Near Washington DC
    Welcome kai. Very nice pond & koi & yes your water looks great too. How did you take the underwater photo's?

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    Tosai killroy's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Saint Andrew Fields, Mla.


    Hi kai! thanks for sahring your pond setup..i especially like your water plants.....
    by the way, I just wanna say 1st that im a newbie...and I really am tryng to learn as much as I can about this hobby. I just want to ask about your filter chambers...Ive noticed that some of the parts of chanbers are made out of wood...im guessing these are "marine-ply wood" So is it really ok to use wood in ones filter setup?


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