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Thread: Filter Configuration - feedback much appreciated!

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    Shaw, why use a vortex and a static K1 in sequence. They are both mechanical filters, and one would do the trick right. Around here a lot of people are building their DIY easy to use on their filter line, to replace either vortex or sieve.

    The DIY easy can also be incorporated into a smaller size vortex. This way, the vortex will settle the larger waste and leaves, and the DIY easy in the middle will deal with the smaller debris.

    By using this method, you might have enough space to build two identical filter lines.

    On the second line you propose, you mention using fluid bed filtration without a mechanical filter. I would never do that since the fluid bed will grind any debris into smaller bits, hence making it more difficult to remove afterwards. Just a thought....


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    Rationale of having two mechanical filter in series is mainly to ensure that the matting system is kept as clean of debris as possible (and pinning my hopes on the fluidised system that it is “self cleaning”). I do take your point that the fluidised sytem will break up solids, making it more difficult to settle. I also think that the pump will further mesh up solids.

    The main reason I am shying away from a small mechanical filter based on catching dirt (ie static K1) rather than settlement is that I am away for work reasonably often and worried that these filters might clog up during the summer months, starving subsequent chambers of water and killing the pump. Any views?

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    My mechanical stage using static k in a vortex.One pic is of it in its backwash cycle the other in normal running mode.
    I drop the water level below the grid and add the air via a simple air ring in the bottom,I let it fluidise for about 3 mins then turn air off and let it settle for a couple of mins then flush to waste and repeat one more time takes about 10 mins.
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