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Thread: Snails?.......

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    Sansai adreamer2's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Eeeech!!!...... Now.... I love the apple snails and the Canas....But, those little tiny varmint bug looking snails... i don't like them at all.... They multiply like mad.... And they don't stop.... Ohhhhh... I would hate to kill them off, but I don't want them in the pond...

    I want the Canas and the Apple snails, but these little tiny snails, I dont; want at all..... After seeing their multiplication rate, I can do without... Plus they're so small, it's a waste of time having them....

    I have almost 100 if anyone wants to feed their cichlids.....
    Alas, I have found my feat.. and am about to run!

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    Oyagoi koiczar's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    I've found that when I've treated my Q tank with Algaefix it killed them all. A couple of years ago, I had treated with .06% salt and it killed them all. Didn't know at the time that they were even there. As a result, when they died, they rotted and overloaded the system with organics and the empty shells clogged the leaf trap seine and also the 1/4inch holes in my spray bar return. Needless to say, it was quite a mess.

    Just make sure if you annihalate them, you do several water changes to reduce the effect of there disintegration, and watch out for the shells.

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    Oyagoi bekko's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    I have the little Physa-like snails everywhere, ramshorn snails in a couple of places, and apple snails in a few places. None were put there intentionally, although I usually throw the large apple snails back if they come up in a seine or something.

    Koi will generally eat all the small snails and snail egg masses they can find. Excellent nutrition. Snails can clog your pipes and such, but so do a lot of other things if you have some biodiversity and a stable ecosystem. Pipes and filters are a refuge where the top predators (koi in this case) can not get them.

    Snails are part of the pond's ecosystem. If you nuke the snails, you have pretty much nuked the entire ecosystem. If you have no biodiversity and no ecosystem, you have no stability.

    -st eve hopkins

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