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Thread: "Windows" and Koi Appreciation

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    Thank you. These are some great new terms. Much though I love my kohaku, I think he exhbits at least 2 of those... oh well great looking for a 10 dollar investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoiCop
    let's forget that GC. Let's forget my exemplar photo, too. Let's get rid of all the visual aids and let's ignore size. And let us please ignore for the moment your personal beliefs.

    Let's just discuss basic abstract theory, 'cause I feel like I really need to pin this down.

    Does AKCA doctrine teach that there are "primitive" gosanke patterns and that there are "evolved or refined" gosanke patterns?

    And if so, is menkaburi considered a primitive pattern?


    EDIT: Maybe the whole primitive vs. evolved pattern thing is a ZNA concept, not AKCA? If so, and if you're not ZNA, Ray, then I sincerely apologize for trying to pin you down.
    Just so you know I am training to be a AKCA judge. Yes, I have been taught that there are primitive less refined patterns and evolved more refined patterns. Menkaburi is considered less refined.

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    Ray . . .

    sometimes we tend to forget how lucky we are to have highly qualified people such as yourself to help us on our journey! Thank you for clarifying that.

    Funny you should have mentioned:

    Quote Originally Posted by RayJordan
    If there is something like a window right up on the shoulder that is really a distraction for me that is a element in my rankings.
    because that brings this thread full circle -- back to the point MikeM, Russell Peters and koiczar made at its beginning re: the window right up on the shoulder hi plate of Maruyama's 36th All-Japan Combined Show GC. Although the window appears to have been airbrushed out of the official pix (as seen on p. 5, K-B Issue 10), the window is clearly visible in many of the pix in the same issue's follow-on article, "Maruyama Showa 10 Year Journey" (as seen on pp. 65-78).

    Now that we've all received our copies we can see what they were talking about and form our own opinions.
    Don Chandler
    Member: AKCA, ZNA, KoiUSA

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    Sorry, but I still don 't have my copy of issue 10. It's interesting that you note the official picture of the showa - I would have thought that's what Maruyama showed us only in POSTER SIZE! All four pics he showed were hanging in his green house entry area. He was so proud he took them all down to show us about the development of this fish. The "window" we have been talking about in this thread is only a couple of scales in size, but it really does show up in the pics and bothered me as the hi pattern in the right shoulder area is rather large in scale. No, Mike M, he wasn't trying to sell us the fish, just answer our questions about the 'window". Obviously, it wasn't a "problem" or it wouldn't have gotten top honors as the AJS. It just seemed weird that it's there 3 out of four years and one year it's gone!?!

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