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Thread: Ground water lifting liner!

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    Oyagoi kingkong's Avatar
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    Akinosan, Is this due to recent local flood problems caused by creek overtoppings, poor site drainage due to mud and debris flows from the hills? Or is this always been a problem?

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    Sansai Akinosan's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    I believe this happening only because the ground being so saturated do to the recent rains. Thank you all for your great advise, the pressure release outlet sounds like the best way to go at this point. I'll keep you up to date on the results. Now if only it would stop raining!

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    Just apply PondPro2000. It is epdm as well but in 100% liquid EPDM allowing it during the "curing" or drying process to find its way into the small superficial cracks and crevices to seal off pond liner leaks.

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    Hi guys, Steve is absolutely correct. Good explanation. We live in a very clay soil area where the water table is very high in a rainy season. Here in London we have rainy season pretty much all the time. Had a small pond and it was drained halfway and during a rainy weekend the liner has been lifted halfway Up along with the heavy slab I kept it to keep the pump. Now I'm in the process of redoing my pond making it larger to accommodate few koi fish. To eliminate this floating pond liner issue I have installed a four and a half inch downpipe (wider the pipe is better because you can put larger pumps to pump out the water) to the deepest part of the pond few inches away from the pond wall going about 2 feet deeper than the deepest part of the pond then fitted a U pipe pointing the bottom part of the pond one feet deeper at 45 degree. The end pipe pointing at the bottom of the pond had a cover with small holes to let the excess water into the downpipe. then cover it with cobels then larger size gravel then put some weed control sheet before levelling with sharp sand. Now the bottom of the pond is level with little drainage system installed. Then I put underlayment and liner before filling the pond with water. Now every time it rains and the ground is saturated you can see the water level in the ground by opening the cap on the down pipe and see the ground water level there. after a day of rain I have ground water table just about a feet below the ground level. But as long as the pond water level is above the ground water level I will have no lifting liner problem. Anytime I want to drain the pond for maintenance I make sure I'll do it in the dry days or have the pump ready to pump water out from the downpipe. It's a very easy solution for those who are building the pond with liner and living in a clay soil area with high groundwater level. To be on the safe side I am raising the pond level about couple of inches so that I can have the water level couple of inches above the ground level so I will never have the floating issue long as the pond is filled with water. The only time I can have the lifting pond liner is when the back yard is flooded. It never floods in our area so problem solved. I hope this information will help those building a new pond living in clay soil area. Thank you

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    Orlando, Florida
    Good fix. ....Some folks have even had a problem with concrete ponds and swimming pools popping out of the ground where there is a high water table.

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