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Thread: Dealing with loss....

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    Honmei KoiCop's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Southern California

    To anyone thinking about . . .

    entrusting thousands of $$$ of beloved koi to an $11 gadget, buy two of them and install in series; hopefully they won't both break at the same time.

    Oh, then set your timer and check it out, anyway!

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    Sansai jbolding's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Norco, CA
    I have to go with Don on this item. I have had these break. Now luckily it was not installed on my pond as I had already been warned by a dealer that they might break. That is not to say that they are a bad safeguard. Just don't rely on them as your sole line of defense. You still need to go and check on the refill status.

    I would suggest you look into getting and in line carbon filer for your refills then you could add some thing like this and be fairly secure.

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    Jul 2005
    Puerto Rico
    Use a Supco solenoid and timer, very reliable.

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