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Thread: Administering Clove Oil.....

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    Your lobster claw on the right is the normal H. rostrata. The one on the left is a mysterious cultivar or hybrid which does not appear in the Berry and Kress Heliconia Identification Guide. On the mystery flower, the inflourescence is more robust, the inflouresence stem curves more sharply back and forth, the bracts are broader (top to bottom), and the inflouresence is much heavier. As a cut flower, you have to be very careful with the one on the left because the inflouresence stem breaks quite easily. The normal H. rostrata can be thrown around without breaking.


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    The answer is Zen was born.
    Due to the popularity of H. rostrata, many cultivars have been noted, either as a natural hybrid as seen in Montoso Gardens in Puerto Rico or man made hybrid crosses as seen in various nurserys in Florida. For example the plant shown by Adreamer #29 (left pic) is displayed for sale at Harmony Gardens in DeLeon Springs, Fl. (did not give cultivar details in display but is one)
    Found frequently in tropical lands, there are several H. rostrata which have been given 'special' cultivar status because of distinctive characteristics. The pic to the left is a H. rostrata cultivar found in Montoso Gardens, a beauty that JG should add to his collection. The pic to the right is a cultivar 'Isola' named by grower in Florida, with sturdy in florescence of good keeping quality as a cut flower which is important because on a whole, the H. rostrata flower does not last too long as a cut flower.
    Well, have to feed my turtle now. Have a friend, just one, that soft shelled turtles are eating all his koi, big healthy normal koi in a large pond or lake and the turtles are there to stay, very hard to catch or trap, but maybe they could be euphamized with Eugenol (clove oil) darts shot into their cloaca (rear end).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Administering Clove Oil.....-helicon2a.gif   Administering Clove Oil.....-heliconia_rostrata-20_isola.jpg  

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    do they become old faster than water turtles?
    I, personally, don't know... But, I do know they're more expensive....

    I got my RES for about 40.00.... But, the land turtles were 80.00.....


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    Depending on the tortoise you buy, they should last for several decades if properly cared for. In many cases, they live longer. Soft-shelleds are the second-worst to have in koi ponds(as seen in my post). Long, extending neck, large sizes, fairly agressive, beak, loves fish. Some good tips:


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